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Top 5 Backgrounds for Your Wedding Photographs

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Your wedding day should be one of the most memorable and wonderful of your life, and you will want to document as many moments as possible. Depending on where your venue is in regards to some of the scenic choices for photos below, you can capture some truly breathtaking photos that will last forever.

1 – The Beach

Probably the most obvious choice in the list, as there is just something magical and special by the sea. In the UK, we are lucky enough to never be too far away from the beach, and the choice of backdrop caters to everyone.

Sandy dunes and grasses are perfect for a rustic, countryside theme, especially if you can get an old, wooden hut or two in there.

If you’re more into the life and soul of the Pleasure Beach, you can get some fantastic, fun shots with the roller coasters or crazy golf.

2 – The Mountains

Maybe another obvious choice for those of us lucky enough to live near the hills, but if you can brave the chill of the mountain air, these wedding photographs will be spectacular, whatever the weather.

Whether it’s wet and misty, or sunny with a vista to the horizon, you will never fail to be impressed every time you walk past the framed picture of you and your partner (friends and family optional) standing at the top or bottom of a great, green mountain.

3 – The Skyline

For the city folks who would rather not escape to the country, there are always secret and wonderful spots in which to have some of your wedding photography. As a city resident, you will probably know the exact place.

It may be that there is a particular park or old building which would look fantastic as a backdrop for your wedding photographs, but if you can get to a place in the city in which you can have a great view of the skyline, it can end up being a really unique and special way of celebrating your marriage, and the city you love.

4 – The Forest

Back to nature, there are many venues buried in the forest that will host extra special weddings and receptions that are almost out of this world. If you’re looking for more of a fantasy setting, then the forest is the place to do it.

You could find a clearing to have your photos taken, or scatter your wedding party amongst the trees for some really interesting photographs.

Lighting can be a factor in whether photos look good in the forest, so get some fairy lights or professional lighting if you can, to create a magical setting.

5 – Your Favourite Spot

All couples that are ready to spend their lives together will have those extra special places that are personal to them. It could be a cafe, it could be a park bench, or it could be the gym!

Wherever is special to you and your partner is the perfect backdrop for your wedding photographs, and whatever happens, it will always serve as a memory of one of the best days of your life.

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