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Professional studio model – MegaVision S3 Pro

– This 6-megapixel digital back can be obtained to suit most medium-format cameras. For location work, the rear could be tethered to some power pack with disk drive.

– Digital backs allow medium-format cameras for use normally.

– Aside from an adaptor, all digital backs are similar.

– The 50x enlargement of the 28MB file shows excellent detail, which may allow substantial enlargement with acceptable quality loss, or excellent-quality image to A3.

MegaVision 4 x 5 adaptor

This accessory enables an electronic to be connected to the rear of the standard 4 x 5 in studio camera. When the image is presented and focused using the viewer in position, digital back is slid across to record the shot.

Leica S1 Alpha

This can be a specialist instrument that accepts different manufacturers’ lenses (in addition to Leica’s own) to create 2,570 x 2,570 pixel (19MB) images. This is often upgraded to create 26MB images.

Linhof M679

An excellent illustration of a brand new generation of monorail cameras designed specifically for photography using high-resolution digital backs. It provides high-precision movements and precisely repeatable settings – essential for checking backs.

Betterlight Super 8K

This checking back is made to fit any standard 4 x 5 in studio camera. Image definition and dynamic range are fantastic.

Betterlight Super 6K

An excellent instrument once the best picture quality is needed, however with lengthy image-capture occasions it’s appropriate just for still-existence or other kinds of stationary subjects.

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